We are excited to announce our latest partnership with local ocean-cleaning initiative, Clean Ocean Sailing, in honour of World Ocean Day.

Founded by Cornish couple, Steve Green and Monika Hertlóva, Clean Ocean Sailing aims to clean up the sea by collecting plastics from less accessible areas of the coastline, which are then sorted, reused, or recycled. The organisation also provides regular recycling workshops, boat restorations, and sailing training for volunteers around Cornwall and beyond.

ts efforts have been noted across the country, with Prime Minister, Boris Johnson lending his support for Clean Ocean Sailing by presenting the team with a Points of Light award last year.

This is a natural partnership for Mainbrace, whose name itself stems from the old naval saying, to “splice the mainbrace”. In the days of sail, the mainbrace was a thick rope that steadied the main mast of a ship. When targeted by enemy fire, the brave team of sailors who spliced the rope back together would be rewarded with a double ration of rum or gin. Taking inspiration from the courage, teamwork, and friendship forged in the heart of battle, Mainbrace aims to add a modern spin on a traditional drink by evoking the spirit of the sea and highlighting the plight of the ocean.

Richard Haigh, Co-Founder of Mainbrace, commented:

As the spirit of the sea is at the heart of everything we do, we’re excited and proud to be able to contribute to Clean Ocean Sailing’s cause. As well as making a monthly donation towards keeping the oceans clean, we will be partnering with Clean Ocean Sailing to promote sustainable travel, as the team will be making some rum and gin deliveries as part of their voyages”.

For more information about Clean Ocean Sailing, visit httpss://

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