Mainbrace Rum began its journey on a sunny day at The
Ferry Boat Inn in Cornwall.

We had spent the day watching the gig rowers racing on the river and as one boat’s crew celebrated their latest win with a tot of rum, we knew we wanted to bottle that moment of celebration and friendship.

As a family of varied tastes we wanted to create something that would fit perfectly into a refreshing long drink, a sophisticated cocktail or to be savoured neat.

We eventually settled on a unique blend of two distinct and never-before bottles styles to produce a smooth, perfectly balanced golden rum with no additives. This splicing of two rums got us thinking, and, knowing the old saying of “Splice the Mainbrace’, we thought it perfectly encapsulated the product and spirit of the rum.


A naval phrase that celebrates courage, teamwork and friendship forged in the heart of battle. In the days of sail, the main sail was steadied, or braced, with a thick rope called the Mainbrace. If it was cut by enemy fire, a team of sailors had to splice the mainbrace back together whilst under fire to save the ship and win the battle. 

As a reward for successfully achieving this titanic task, the captain would order the ship’s purser to issue a double ration of rum or gin to the team as a toast to victory.

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