On 19th October 2020, Mainbrace was launched at RumFest in London. Over the last year, we have received rave reviews from consumers, trade, and media alike and our Premium Golden Rum has won multiple global awards*. One of our favourite moments from the last year has been producing a limited edition run of 500 bottles of Navy Strength Rum with an ABV of 54.5% for National Rum Day.

As part of our celebration, we thought it would be nice to remind you of our story …

Born from a phrase associated with courage, loyalty, and teamwork, Mainbrace gets its name from the naval tradition of “splicing the mainbrace”. As the main rope connecting the mast of the ship, the mainbrace was often targeted by enemy fire, and the brave team of Ratings who repaired it by splicing the rope together would be rewarded by their naval officers with a double tot of rum in celebration.

While the idea for Mainbrace was born on a sunny day at The Ferry Boat Inn in Helford Passage, Cornwall, our premium blend is made by “splicing” two styles of rum together – unaged Agricole from Martinique, and a selection of 2-5-year-old rums from three different stills on the banks of the Demerera river in Guyana. We believe our blend speaks for itself, which is why there are no colourings, spices, or sweeteners added to our rum.

While it has been a challenging year – particularly for those in the hospitality industry – we are always trying to keep the spirit of celebration alive. We hope you’ll “splice the mainbrace” with us today in honour of the first anniversary of Mainbrace premium golden rum!

*Mainbrace has received a silver in the London Spirits Awards 2020, a silver at the Rum and Cachaça Masters 2020, and a bronze in The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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