Mainbrace® Navy Strength Rum 5cl (54.5%)


Mainbrace Navy Strength Rum is consistent with the Royal Navy Standard of 54.5%. This was the lowest alcohol content that would still allow gunpowder to light if it was soaked in the rum. So, the term “proof” came from testing whether the rum was of high enough ABV to light the gunpowder.

Traditionally crafted with a modern twist, Mainbrace is a unique golden ‘spliced rum’. A premium blend of 2-5 year old rum made near the Demerara River in Guyana and an unaged Agricole from Martinique.

Tasting Notes

The nose begins with sweet woody aromas that eventually subside to dried fruits and caramel. The palate has an initial peppery spice that quickly become naturally sweet treacle notes with a hint of spiced vanilla.

A limited edition run of only 500 bottles made.

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